Lukas Sitkus
Graphic Designer

Svietimo Gidas


Svietimo Gidas is a website sort of like an educational guide also people come there to write reviews about schools, kindergarten’s, teachers, etc… It is based in Lithuania, and aimed towards Lithuanian audience.

Švietimo Gidas

Švietimo Gidas

Educational guide based website and non-profit organisation, they help people to understand what schools, teachers and etc are great / good / bad , etc.



"Was a pleasure to work together with Lukas. From beginning we contacted Lukas, to ask him adjust our logo more properly (change in size, arrows, placement), later to create a bookmark design who plays a role of a business card for our non-profit organisation. Very much enjoyed designer's creativity access and having an opinion of his own. Variants were offered always on time (which were more than we expected) some of them surprised us by it's originality. Besides we obtained well reasoned opinion about different design models presented. We definitely recommend."

- SG.