Lukas Sitkus | graphic designer


My process and strategy.


1. Identifying problems

By asking certain questions and discussing with you, I will understand the problems that you are struggling with. If we are in a perfect match we will move on to the next stage.

2. Research

It will require to research about your brand, competitors and target audience. Length of it depends on your brand and products or services you are offering. Also we’ll communicate further throughout whole project to make sure we fulfil our set goals.

3. Direction

With all the gathered information, analysing your website, brand and competitors, I’ll build a creative brief and present it to you. With your feedback we might tweak it till it’s perfect. Future project decisions will be based on this document.

4. Design

It starts with a logo. Searching for inspiration, researching competitors, mind mapping and sketching. After this process I will present 2 identity directions. You will choose one direction and then we will move to revisions.

5. Revisions

We will discuss your chosen direction and you will provide your feedback. If we find it necessary to tweak it, we can make changes in this step.

6. Project completed

Once everything is complete I’ll create various file types of logo and other deliverables. I’ll organise it into folders, with short instructions where to find what. As agreed in the beginning after you’ll pay the rest of the invoice I’ll send you project files.

7. Consultancy

If you’re struggling with something from the project, simply reach out to me. From time to time I’ll also check how you use the new brand identity system and if I’ll notice something wrong I’ll let you know.