Lukas Sitkus | graphic designer

Emilija Lukauskaite

Elegant photographer.



Emilija Lukauskaite is a portrait and event photographer based in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Emilija wanted to be distinctive among her competitors. She was open to my ideas and simply asked to create minimalistic logo which would let people know that it’s a photography brand.

After research, I had a few clear ideas in my mind. A lot of photographers are arguably similar, many of them use complex camera icons, so I wanted her logo to standout by it’s simplicity. I crafted camera body icon and combined it with letter “e” which represents camera lens too.

Colour palette was chosen as dark blue and white with a few secondary colours for highlights, links or other scenarios on a website or elsewhere. This combination gave it’s identity a professional and elegant look.

 Monogram / symbol was created from a letterform and camera body icon.

Monogram / symbol was created from a letterform and camera body icon.



"Lukas is extremely passionate about what he does. It was very interesting to communicate with him throughout the project. He definitely exceeded my expectations for logo and identity design overall. I’m glad that I came across Lukas portfolio and we had an opportunity to work together."

Emilija Lukauskaite, Photographer