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Why get a graphic tablet?

When I first heard of graphic tablets existence, I immediately knew - I must have it.
Here are my top reasons why I recommend a graphic tablet for digital artists such as: graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, etc...

Raises productivity

Time is very valuable, because if a client pays you for a 5 hours of work and you spend 6-7 hours to complete it, means you wasted 1-2 hours for free. If you take money for 5 hours of work, and do the job in 3-4 hours, means it's a victory for you. (Now of'course, neither I, neither many designers doesn't count final costs with hourly rate, it's just an example of how everything in life works).

With graphic tablet you travel faster through the screen, cursor appears exactly where you point with your pen on the tablet.

Your work becomes better

Once you master the tablet, you obtain greater outcomes as well, specially in illustrations and photographies, because it's like drawing on paper, and we all know that all people first learn to draw on a paper, and only later to use computer. I believe that a digital artist can get better results using graphic tablet instead of a mouse, of'course there are plenty digital artists, who successfully complete tasks better than others by using a mouse.


Fun and comfortable to use

I think mouse is 'old' and boring, every person likes to control the pen, specially artists. Here you're not only controlling the process of drawing "on paper", but also control your whole computer with it.

Only Wacom

I never tried other brands, but read a lot of reviews online, it's pretty clear that Wacom is a complete leader in their industry. I owned two Wacom's so far, so I definitely recommend this brand.

My experience with graphic tablet

My first graphic tablet was Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch S , which is alright, but I felt discomfort, because my hand always kept falling from the tablet and then I needed to slide it back on the tablet, so after few months of using it, I sold it and bought Wacom Intuos Pro S, it has pretty bold(wide) edges, so my hand is always on it, extremely comfortable, and the S size is just enough for my Macbook Air.


Many digital artists still use a mouse successfully, but I wouldn't consider a return, to understand, how it really feels, you must try it yourself.

Small advice: If you're a starter, and want to save cash, but you need a graphic tablet, go with Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch, however, if you have some spare money, definitely pick up Wacom Intuos Pro, it's way better than the previous and you'll save cash for future upgrades, because this version is more than enough.

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