Lukas Šitkus
Apr 23, 2024

Morning Routines: The Key to a Productive Day

As the sun rises, painting the sky with soft hues and birds begin their cheerful melodies, it’s the perfect time to embrace the tranquility of the morning and set the tone for the day ahead.

Why Mornings?

Mornings offer a precious window of peacefulness before the hustle of the day begins. It's during this period that we can cultivate habits that enrich our lives, whether it's reading a book, practicing yoga, or learning a new skill.

Attempting to squeeze in activities during the chaos of midday or evening often leads to disappointment. Unexpected events derail our plans, leaving us to postpone our goals until "tomorrow".

Yeah right, we all know about THE "tomorrow".

I've certainly experienced this firsthand with failed attempts at fitting activities like reading or meditating into my post-lunch or evening routines.

The Flexibility of Morning Routines

Now, don't get me wrong. Adding a new habit to your morning routine doesn't guarantee success - it still requires dedication and willpower. However, by seizing the quiet moments of the morning, you set yourself up for success.

And let's be real, don't start with the lie of 'I’m an owl'. If you were, you couldn’t read this article anyway.

Mornings are the least distracting. Well for most of us anyway.

My Current Morning Routine

My morning routine is ever-evolving, shaped by new interests and life's unpredictable twists and turns. Currently, it includes:

While I sometimes wander off from my usual morning walks, the stair climb remains a daily ritual. In the past, when I was learning guitar for example, mornings were the key point of practice sessions.

And of course, there are the mundane yet essential habits like brushing my teeth and cleaning cat’s shit or the mess he made during the zoomies at night.

Striving for an Ideal Morning

In an ideal world, my morning routine would also encompass:

However, time constraints often mean rotating these activities as priorities shift. Nobody has that much time to fit it all in one morning.

In Conclusion

We are creatures of habit, and our routines shape our days. While structured mornings may not suit everyone, there's undeniable value in embracing the peacefulness of early hours to pursue personal growth and well-being.

Morning routines need not be rigid schedules; they should provide a framework for nurturing our passions and priorities. And if your ideal routine requires extra time, adjust your damn sleep schedule.

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Thanks for reading. Peace.