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Organise your time better

Idea author

One day I watched Youtube video, called something like: "A day in graphic designers life", it was simple and great, I immediately pulled two ideas from it, one was "Five-minute journal", which I didn't start yet. Another idea was the to-do list, his list was so simple but so well for organising my day, before that video I tried various ways to organise my days better, but all methods failed, and this one worked just perfect. The idea is by Matthew Encina.


Bullet journal

First of all, you have to get a bullet journal, I believe it's the best choice, of'course you can use a plain notebook or something, but you will make your day easier by using a bullet journal, since it has the squares, which you will need for 'tick' boxes.

Simple as that

In the morning, when I wake up, I do my morning stuff first, then I take a seat at the kitchen, with my to-do list bullet journal, I write the date first of'course and start to think of a few things which I have to do today. Later, as the day goes, once I get some new thoughts on what to add to the list, I immediately grab the journal and add to the list, if my journal is too far, then I note it in my phone and later I type it in my bullet journal. When I'm done with one of the to-do, I fill the square fully, so it acts as 'DONE'. When I'm about to go sleep, I check what I did and what I didn't do today or from some past day, if some to-do isn't done yet, I just do it the next day, or if not possible, I can do it even after week. It's important to always keep it updated, it is pretty satisfying to fill the 'boxes'.

Journal design

Matthew Encina says that he makes 'squares' next to the to-do thing to act as a 'tick' box, I do that as well, but he also uses 'dots' to represent a meeting and I use dot to represent goals, atleast I did at first, I'm barely using 'dots' now at all. You can either tick your 'square box' with an X or a V or simply fill the whole square, like I do, it's your imagination, you can even draw in the tiny boxes if you wish to.

Why not to use phone instead?

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of phones, and I don't feel like remembering to fill that thing in the phone, I used to try this method, but it failed with anything I tried. I value things that was before us or when I was very young, technologies are already very much into our life, so we should use an opportunity to take a rest from it.

As always, thank you for reading, folks! If you have any suggestions, or particular topics which you would like to see me write about, just write in comments or drop me a message, I'm always up for a chat!