"Logo Design Love" - A book for logo lovers

I was just starting out as a graphic designer when I found this book "Logo Design Love". The book was a quick read and the author - David Airey writes in easy to understand and clear sentences.

I was inspired not just by the book and the design examples it contained, but also the book design itself, which led me to find out how aspiring an author is as a designer and not just a writer.

Opened book showing logo process

Photograph was taken by David Airey

About the book

Do you know those books that are filled with hundreds or even thousands of logos? Well, this is not the one. This book is about how to make distinctive, beautiful and memorable logos. The author explains how to arrive at that great logo and tells you about the process behind it. Apart from that, there are many other topics explained in rich detail:

  • brand identity design,
  • mind-mapping,
  • sketching,
  • generating ideas,
  • writing a creative brief...

At many of those topics, David Airey explains the process of each, using real-life examples from well-known design studios, such as Pentagram, Believe In, UnderConsideration and many others.

Opened book showing logo process

Photograph was taken by David Airey


“Logo Design Love” marks the beginning of myself becoming a graphic designer. It gave me better knowledge about the logo and brand identity design. Helped me improve my understanding of the design and gain confidence in viewing design work, presenting it and talking to clients.

There are tons of books about the logo and graphic design, honestly, it's difficult to choose, but I would definitely recommend reading through "Logo Design Love" at least once in your life.

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