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How to get better at using graphic tablet


Going through these steps, I mastered my own graphic tablet in almost a week, still I get better everyday, but since the day I started using graphic tablet, I never got back to a mouse and it just feels way more comfortable and fun to use.

Set your mind positively

Ignore those negative thoughts, whenever you struggle and think like: "I'll never manage to use this thing properly", remember - it's like a mouse, when you first started to use it, you felt the same way. It's just a matter of time and effort. 

Schedule a week holiday

Don't risk your project, buying a tablet in the middle of the project isn't the best idea, either complete your project at first, or take a week off, that you could get used to the tablet without making your client unhappy or dissatisfied.

Get rid of the mouse

When first plug in the graphic tablet, unplug the mouse, place it where you won't reach it, for everything you're going to do you're going to use a graphic tablet only (except gaming). If you're continuously switching between graphic tablet and a mouse, you won't learn it as good as you could.

When you all good and set

Set your configurations first, find the best set specifically for you, I can't tell you how to set it up, because my setup might never fit yours. Configuration is a short and easy 'process' (atleast for Wacom graphic tablets).

Now you're ready for a graphic tablet, be patient and you'll definitely get better in no time.