Project goals

Visual Identity


Vytas Tomašauskas

About the project

Tai Bet Kur is an adventurous travelling company established in 2018 by an experienced hiker and ex-soldier Vytas Tomasauskas.

Vytas’s professionalism is the key to an exciting adventure, or so people say (those, who have already gone on hikes with him). I wanted to see if this service is indeed as good as it seems, so I went on a hike with Vytas. Adventures happened and an outstanding story was written afterwards. This experience had a major impact on creating Tai Bet Kur identity. (...)

Vytas is one of those people, who bring their dreams and ideas to life, which this travelling company is. He asked me to craft him a bespoke, flexible and minimalistic brand identity.

I used mountain structure and texture, map details and the feeling of roughness as an inspiration for this project.

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Animated gif of tai bet kur logo falling from above and landing to stand still
Identity on stationery
Identity on business cards
Identity on letterhead
Animated hiking images that I've taken while in the hike with Vytas
Identity on envelope
Social media template

Image style template for social media posts, etc.

Stamp with logo


"Lukas did quality work and made it on time. I’m still working on Tai Bet Kur idea realisation, so for me what matters is flexibility and consultancy even after the project is completed."

— Vytas Tomašauskas, Tai Bet Kur