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Skipgaps is a creative agency based in Vilnius, Lithuania. They can help your brand to fill gaps by offering creative solutions. Skipgaps specializes in branding, brand identity design, and web design. And it can also help you to find professionals to solve your creative problems.

The name is a result of three of us brainstorming together (me and two partners of Skipgaps). It is exactly what it says - let Skipgaps take care of your creative decisions. (...)

I gave a bespoke treatment to the wordmark. The inverted “i” represents danger in brands, a problem or problems that have to be solved urgently.

The colour palette is a combination of yellow + lighter black. Highly contrasted, it represents being a nearby danger zone.

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Logo on yellow background
Website design on computer
Identity on letterhead
Picture of my friends pointing an computer screen
Identity on business cards
Identity on notebook
Identity on ID cards
Identity guidelines on mockup