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About the project

Learnkey specializes in creating interactive and beautiful e-learning courses. Everything from idea preparation, scriptwriting to filming, designing and animating is their field of work.

Their old logo has been with them for over sixteen years and it was about time to move forward. The goal was to create identity and website design in a modern and professional style. (...)

While sketching I came to an idea, if we have a key, what we need is a door, else the key is pointless if it can’t unlock anything.

The solution was simple yet distinctive and memorable. Nearly all the letters of this wordmark were adjusted and the letter “n” with a hidden representation of door was created.

A bold colour palette like this is great for creating minimal and compelling design. For the website, we used this to our advantage and built it mainly using colour and minimal type to make it a straightforward scroll through the website.

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Yellow logo on black background
Old logo and the new one

Old logo and the new one (above right).

Website design on computer
Identity on wall
Website design on mobile phone
Identity on business cards
Identity on envelope
Identity on letterhead
Animated gif of logo, symbol and business cards images
Sketching process: mindmap Sketching process: sketches

Sneak peek of a sketching process.

Identity colour variations