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LASS (Lietuvos aklųjų ir silpnaregių sąjunga) is a huge non-profit organisation with over 49 branches in Lithuania. Their goal is to achieve a better living environment for those who are blind or have difficult eye-sight. On top of that, they also unite people related to similar life challenges into one community where they can all reach out for help, discuss, etc.

LASS reached out to me for a brand new identity system. The main reason for the change was that their current logo is outdated, it's using monogram of an old brand name (Aklųjų draugija).

As we discussed, they proposed an idea of a dolphin, at first it seemed incorrect, but the further I researched the dolphin and blindness topics, the more I came closer to an idea of a dolphin being representative for the LASS organisation. One of the main reasons that stuck to me about dolphins is that they can live a fulfilling life being blind just as well as being not. (...)

For the solution, I combined an eye symbol with a dolphin. The dolphin is sort of hugging an eye, expressing caring and warmth, spreading it through an organisation and inviting new members to be part of it.

This project is still under consideration, the decision-makers that I was in contact with are in love with this concept. However, there is a huge percentage of members that have voting right for a decision to be made, it might take a while or can even be declined. However, working with these people was a pleasure and project was butter smooth.

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Identity on stationery
Old symbol and the new one(on the right)

Old symbol and the new one (above right).

Identity on envelope
Identity on a binder
Identity on id badges
Identity on a business cards
Identity on magazine
Identity on shirt
Identity placed on a bag
Sketching process Sketching process

Sneak peak to a sketching process.


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