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ESAS is a company focused on trading and distribution operations within refrigeration products, air conditioning, and heat pumps. Established for more than 10 years. ESAS approached me to create an identity design for them.

From the beginning they needed identity design done in the short-term. However, the company name was a problem. We came to a conclusion to merge full name into a monogram, that way it sounds better, becomes more memorable and maintains professionalism, while still having an explanation behind it (full company name - E-Sales and Service). (...)

The goals of the project were to create modern, appealing and connected to the company values identity design, which translated into professional, corporate and calm style.

Logo is created with an idea of air comfort: our surroundings provide us comfort. The curvy line in the middle is air representation inside the pipe, also a wavy form of it makes it feel more comfortable.

Chosen typeface is Helvetica Neue, it is long-lasting and time proven to stand strong.

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Symbol on blue background
Identity on letterhead
Identity on business cards
Photo of an office
Identity on envelope
Identity on ID cards
Sketching process: mindmap Sketching process: sketches


"Lukas had been an extremely competent individual and a delight to work with. He created our new logo and business cards in a matter of days. With such a tight deadline, Lukas delivered above and beyond, and he was always accessible and prompt in keeping to the schedule. From creating a well-researched brief and listening to our needs to an overall smooth experience, he’s guaranteed to exceed your expectations."

— Ruta Jusevičiūtė, communications director, ESAS