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Dogs of Vilnius

About the project

Dogs of Vilnius is a startup created by Gabija and Karolis - two street photographers from Vilnius. They call themselves the only dogs street photographers in Lithuania.

Their mission is to capture joyful photographs of dogs daily, sharing them on social media, combined with a short quote or a story about a dog.

Recently, they had an idea of selling merchandise and needed a new, flexible identity system to pursue it. I used their brand name to my advantage and built it flexible so the brand could expand to other cities, not just Vilnius. (...)

In early conversations, they expressed their belief that all dogs are equal. It inspired me to design an identity based on a grid system. Three dog faces were created in the process. Each face is designed with minimalism in mind and uses the same square grid.

Later, I brainstormed a few taglines for this identity direction. We kept the one that communicates their message: “All dogs are cool”, meaning that no matter what breed of a dog, they are all awesome and equal.

Typeface of a wordmark has quirky letter ‘g’ which reminds us of a dog tail on top of it, making it distinctive and appropriate.

Lastly, for the color palette, they loved black and white, it's neutral but also strong and professional.

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Logo on black background
Identity on business cards
Identity on jumper
Identity variations

The brand name is flexible for other cities as well.

Identity on iPad
Identity on bag
Identity animated gif showing variations of a logo
Sketching process Sketching process


"We followed a very detailed and thoughtful process. Work was done professionally and on time, taking into account our comments and combining everything into the best final outcome possible."

— Gabija Kavaliauskaitė, founder, Dogs of Vilnius