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Auginu Lietuvą

About the project

Auginu Lietuvą (Raising Lithuania) is a non-profit initiative whose goal is to support families with newborns, especially premature born children. In other words, they help families and newborns integrate into our community and develop a functional and happy life.

This initiative at first established in Lithuania with a plan to inspire other countries to be part of the project themselves. The key point was to build a flexible identity system that could be adapted by other countries.

In our early conversations, they proposed a life tree idea. At first, it seemed inappropriate but later I noticed an opportunity there. (...)

Two types of identity design were presented, life tree and personalised identity. They loved both of the ideas but what they wanted is to try and combine them. However, it was clear that combining two distinctive identity systems would be too much for a single identity.

My solution was to separate identity into two categories: One is mainly for non-personal material (f.e. posters, letterheads) and used as a full logo (symbol + wordmark). The second one is for personalised items (f.e. t-shirts, business cards), in this case, the symbol is separated from wordmark and used only as a visual element as well as handwritten “I’m” is added next to the wordmark to achieve a personal touch.

After all, we worked on a colour palette to position the brand professionally. Muted colours who still have positive vibes in them turned out to be the best choice.

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Identity placed on a billboard
Identity on a business cards
Identity variations

Each country chooses one color from their flag and adjusts it to fit the rest of the color palette.

Identity on a shirt
Identity on magazine
Sketching process aš word development in handwritting

Development of “I’m raising” idea and handwritten “I’m”.