Small collection of my film photography:
street photography, concerts, portraits...

Air balloons flying in the air, not sure if rising or falling

Balloons falling or rising?

A friend smoking cigarette with an angry look

Smoke till

Drummer shadow on a brick wall

Drummer in the shadows

Person walking through snow storm

Through the storm

Two girls expressing love just by gesture and look

Unconditional love

Band's guitarist shows passion inside the fog or smoke


Empty chair with a microphone on the stage, awaiting for it's artist

Awaiting for an artist

Family picture where I captured warming and real smile of my brother

Real smile

Kid playing music in the middle of Riga, charming look and great passion with talent

Music in my heart

People patting horses and people turn away from the camera, while one of the horses stares into camera

Picture me

Extremely happy dog

Happy life

Person with The Rolling Stones shirt with a stranger passing by in blur behind it

The Rolling Stones

Prison fence with a great portion of cloudy sky

No escape

Half shoe of the person is inside the frame, other parts are filled with figure shadow, mysterious

Shadow figure

Guitarist playing music inside the fog

In the fog

Three different looks and emotions of strangers captured at the church

Connection between strangers

Girl staring at the camera with angry / mad emotion and wind blowing her hair sideways


Guy standing amongst crosses, also above his head is huge white highlight, making him look like saint

True saint

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